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1. ['v?:tju:]
2. "She gave her surname as Han when registering, which is also different from the name Su in media reports," the employee said.
3. Shanghai Pudong International Airport reported the lowest punctuality rate last year. Only 52.4% of flights took off on time, with delays averaging 48 minutes.
4. "The articles were submitted with reviewer suggestions, which had real researcher names but fabricated email addresses," Peter Butler, editorial director for cell biology and biochemistry at Springer Nature, told Shanghai-based news website The Paper.
5. 特约专栏作家安东尼·盖尔恩是Paragon欧洲合作伙伴的常务董事。目前位于伦敦。
6. A panel of eight WardsAuto editors evaluated 44 engines among all vehicle types during October and November in the course of their daily commutes and weekend activities in and around the Detroit metro area. Engines were rated according to a wide range of characteristics including horsepower and torque, fuel economy, noise, vibration and harshness characteristics, technology and how they fared against competing powerplants.


1. 《火星救援》获评喜剧/音乐类最佳影片。
2. 8.身着平底鞋禁止入场,是吗?
3. 中国上海市场研究公司艾瑞咨询集团(iResearch)此前的一份报告说,中国网络游戏市场2008年收入为人民币208亿元,约占全球市场的27%,这一比例高于韩国的21%,略低于美国的29%。该公司还预计,中国可能会在2009年底前超越美国,成为全球最大的网络游戏市场。
4. smiles and puma snarls
5. X
6. 圣加伦大学其他单项高分包括在校友国际流动性方面排名第一,在国际体验方面屈居亚军,在就业安置方面排名第三。


1. Effectively strengthening environmental protection
2. 哈里·斯泰尔斯《哈里·斯泰尔斯》
3. v. 拥抱,包含,包围,接受,信奉
4. 源于:strike(v 打击;军事进攻;铸造;敲钟;罢工)
5. 虽然周六欧锦赛中爱尔兰0-3不敌比利时,但这并没有让赴波尔多看球的爱尔兰球迷一蹶不振。
6. 研究显示,通过短信获取重置码、备选邮箱来恢复登陆的有效性分别为81%、75%。


1. Until four years ago, Maddie was an unknown eight year old who enjoyed dancing and went to a local primary school.
2. 最后的预言:疲软的经济增长将延续至2010年。在春天前,奥巴马的白宫都不得不扮演美国政治中心的角色,美国商业界也终于开始相信会出现温和复苏。
3. 坐在前排
4. Fluctuations of the markets led to a tightening of IPO approval to maintain stability, according to Frank Lyn, PwC China's mainland and Hong Kong Markets Leaders.
5. 4. Smart trashcan
6. 无论从哪个角度看,2014年都是本田汽车公司宁愿忘却或掩盖的一年,看看本田为2015年提出的宏大口号——“本田之年”就知道了。


1. 3. 3M
2. According to Feng Zhenglin, head of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, weather accounted for 56.8% of flight delays in 2016, up from 29.5% the previous year.
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