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1. Sarah O’Connor is employment correspondent
2. 萨拉考林斯
3. “This is not an excuse — this is the reality of the environment we operate in, ” Dervin said. Since 2012, JetBlue has been implementing a series of technology efforts to help it recover more quickly from bad weather. She said other tools are coming online that will help the airline keep to its schedules.
4. Movie buffs will soon be able to celebrate with a visual feast at the Beijing International Film Festival, where nearly 500 high quality films will be shown.
5. 6. The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize for Literature
6. 好莱坞的明星们早已着手准备了数周,尤其是对于去当地南瓜地挑选一些南瓜这样的事来说。


1. 夏奇拉
2. 达奇斯说:捷蓝航空在2012年初遇到过很多困难(一名飞行员在飞行途中突然精神崩溃,这让公司这一年的开头极为艰难),但是在繁忙的假日旅行期间,顾客的满意和优秀的社交服务把这个品牌带入了成功的行列。
3. 美国
4. “I don’t think there are any companies that have survived big assaults from two of the biggest beasts in the hedge fund jungle,” says Ms Simpson of Calpers. “He is cool, calm and collected — the corporate exemplar of ‘Keep calm and carry on’.”
5. Chandelier is the 17th most viewed music video on TouTube of all time and has racked up more than 712 million hits.
6. 曼谷重回首位,而付出代价的是伦敦。伦敦在连续两年占据榜首后,与其亚洲对手城市交换了位置。


1. 同时,乔金-诺阿和交易无缘,因为甚至都没有关于他的交易流言。
2. [tr?ns'p?:t]
3. "I heard from several business leaders who shared their concern about our relative silence and impact in urging the political leadership to act on behalf of the citizenry," Schultz wrote in a letter on his company's website.
4. 9. The 2012 Ig Nobel Anatomy Prize
5. 要知道,从来没有人能够为每一种情况做好万全准备。你可能刚刚发现这一点。你的教育经历为你提供了一个工作基础,但成长往往发生在第一线。或许,你鼓励你的团队不仅按最新期限完成工作,而且表现出色。或许,你与客户共事时发现自己比以往更加镇静自若。或许,你突然发现自己能利用以往建立的人脉,开始在组织里“呼风唤雨”。在学会这些技能之前,你只能学习说“Yes”。面对机会时,感到忐忑不安是很自然的事情,但千万不要让这种情绪扼杀你的成长。
6. 美国电话电报公司


1. funds
2. 5.You Aren't Making Enough Money to Pay Your Bills
3. 7. “飞翔莲花”(Flying Lotus),《你死了》(You’re Dead), Warp。新融合乐绝不会对旧融合乐说抱歉,这只是升级而已。身为制作人的“飞翔莲花”既注重延续性,也注重破坏、模糊之美与跳跃剪辑的喧闹。他对死亡的组曲式沉思为不虔敬的智慧留出空间,《永远不能抓住我》(Never Catch Me)这首歌的歌词由肯德里克·拉玛(Kendrick Lamar)创作,堪称年度最佳。
4. 愿你拥有新年所有美好的祝福。
5. lace
6. As for China, lack or stopped development represents the biggest risk for this country. So it is essential that we maintain steady medium-high growth of our economy and that in itself is China’s contribution to global stability.


1. 单词protocol 联想记忆:
2. n. 行为,举动,品行
3. v. 操作,运转,经营,动手术

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